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Meet Your Farmers

John Bartlett


I graduated from Nantucket High school 1983 and Cornell University with a B.S. in Plant Sciences in 1987.  I am on the Board of Directors Nantucket Bank, the Customer Service Council Farm Credit East, Nantucket Charter Committee, Nantucket Comprehensive Plan V.P., Sustainable Nantucket board member and Nantucket Boys & Girls Club Board of Directors and President.

Phone: 508.228.9403 x28

"My first job on the farm was cutting parsley in 1971."

Cynthia Bartlett-Burns

Office Bookkeeper

I was born and raised on Nantucket, graduated from NHS and went to  RIT/NTID in Rochester, NY and got Associates Degree in Accounting.  I am married and have 3 sons - Joseph, Steven, and Peter Bopp.

"I play coed recreational ice hockey and am a forward on Miacomet’s women’s hockey."

David Bartlett


Daniel Bartlett


Andrew Spollett

Vegetable Production Manager

Andrew is from Fairfield, CT, and he has been the assistant field manager since 2009.  A graduate of the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst, Andrew is a proponent of building soil health, Integrated Pest Management, and sustainable agriculture.

Phone: 508-221-7830

" My favorite farm activities are picking corn by hand, picking up and stacking fresh bales of hay, and seeding the organic greens."

Amy Zielinski

Event Manager/Restaurant Liaison/Donations

After 10 years working for PBS as a producer and fundraisier I really needed a change.  A trip to Nantucket for vacation made my choice clear.  I followed my latest passion - food and farming - by interning at Moor’s End Farm here on Nantucket.  I learned so much that summer…. Mostly that being a farmer is the hardest job one could ever do.  Now I spent my days promoting Bartlett’s Farm, eating local and planning amazing farm to table dinners, our Saturday Farm Talk Series and other special events.  I also have the privilege of working with island chefs to source vegetables from the farm, we have so many talent chefs here who are committed to using the freshest possible ingredients.

Phone: 508-228-9403 x 12

"When I interviewed for the job here I joked that they could just pay me in vegetables.  Seriously, can you imagine a better place for a locavore, vegetarian to work!?"

Hilary Newell

Marketing Director and Greenhouse Production Manager

Hilary was first exposed to agriculture and horticulture growing up near and working in a grape vineyard.  Knowing how to drive a tractor by 12 was key in learning to drive a car. Picking  peas, beans and leaf lettuce from the family garden was part of the daily summer routine.  She headed off to Penn State to be a civil engineer, when all along, everyone knew she should be in the ag school, and that's where she ended up, graduating with a degree in Agricultural Business Management and Rural Sociology.  After a dismal attempt at selling cabbage and cherry tomatoes by the truckload, then working in sales at a wholesale greenhouse, she ended up at Bartlett's Farm (with husband Pete) doing whatever needed to be done.  Selling vegetables in the tiny garage market, weeding and picking peas, and beans, and working on the town truck were the beginning, moving on to developing records management for the greenhouse, ordering seeds and supplies, developing ads, and eventually becoming the Director of Marketing and Greenhouse Production Manager. She is also a freelance writer, contributing regularly to Nantucket Today, Nantucket Chronicle and compiling Bartlett's weekly newsletter, 'The Farm Dirt,' each week. Two children and a Boston Terrier named 'Percy' round out the family. 

Phone: 508-221-0211

"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

Kate O'Brien

Gift Manager

Considering I grew up in New York City, many people are surprised that I decided to settle down on Nantucket.  The truth is Nantucket has been a part of my life for longer than I can remember.  I came for my first visit when I was only nine months old and returned at least once a year after that!  My parents eventually bought a house in Cisco so Bartlett’s Farm quickly became a part of my Nantucket experience.  My summers off from college were spent working at the farm “back in the day,” when the market was in the greenhouse, the parking lot was dirt and we occasionally had to wrangle Baby the cow back into his pen with a tempting bunch of beets.  After graduating from college I worked a few other places on island before returning to the farm in 2008.

Phone: 508-221-2681

"Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables.  They probably get jet-lagged, just like people.”  ~Elizabeth Berry

Laura Z. Steele

Human Resources Manager

I have been coming to Nantucket every summer since I was born and have fond memories of picking strawberries here at Bartlett's as a kid and working summers in town during High School and College breaks.  After graduating from Ohio University, I lived for many years in Washington, DC where I worked as the Manager of a Staffing Service.  I was thrilled to realize my dream of moving my family to Nantucket year-round in 2006 for a job at Bartlett’s.  I love how every season is so different at the Farm.  Winter is about the food, Spring is about the plants, Summer is about the vegetables, and Fall is the pumpkins and Thanksgiving and wreath making for the holidays.  In other jobs, it’s just the weather that changes outside your window, but here every aspect of my job changes with the seasonality of our business and I love that. 

Phone: 508-228-9403 x26

"You are responsible for your own good time."

Liz de Souza

Garden Center Manager

Liz has had a love for plants ever since she was a little girl playing in her mother’s garden.   That love of plants followed her all the way through college at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture for Floriculture and The University of Massachusetts Amherst for Plant and Soil Science.   It was during her Stockbridge orientation that Liz first heard of Nantucket and the Farm.  When researching internship opportunities her freshman year she decided to apply to that Farm on Nantucket she had heard all about.  Liz spent 3 summers behind the scenes working with Pete, the head grower, as an intern during summer breaks from college.  After graduating from school she spent time off island working at a botanical garden and large nursery but the call of the island spoke to her.  She returned to the farm year round in 2002 as the perennial grower where her passion for tall summer blooming perennials blossomed.  In 2005 she was offered and accepted the position of Garden Center manager.  Since then Liz has been working closely with the staff and customers educating them on the proper plants for the right location.  You can find Liz most days in the garden center.

Phone: 508-221-2767

"No, you cannot use a chainsaw to prune Hydrangeas”

"Improper pruning really irks me!"

Maryjane Mojer

Farm Stand Manager

I am a morning person, and one of the first folks on the Farm every day. I start with a cup of coffee at my desk, and have my second either in the Garden Center, Greenhouses or wandering through the Market. (That speaks as much to the joy of working here as it does to my adoration of, though some may say addiction to, coffee….). I love to shop in small markets wherever I travel, and really enjoy seeking out new products to bring to the Farm. I also really enjoy our vendors to find out the story behind their products. My favorite part about working at the farm is really two fold; I love training our new staff on products and produce that they have never seen or tasted before, and really, really enjoy the look in their eyes when they taste just picked tomatoes and raw corn, still warm from the sun. Many of them have never tasted real, truly fresh produce before and it’s a privilege to share this with them! I also truly enjoy talking to our Customers and learning from them; recipes, their history with the Farm and the island, their favorite products. I’m a lifelong learner and every day on the Farm is a chance to learn something new. The Farm is truly special place with a staff full of people who care and work to make a difference for our Community and our Customers. And….we’re just down the road!

Phone: 508-292-2926

"I am fiercely proud of my Island heritage and in awe of my family every day. While working at the Farm is, in and of itself, a dream come true, my fantasy dream job is as a backup singer. My singing abilities aside, what I lack in talent I make up for in determination!"

Neil Patrick Hudson

Executive Chef

My fervor for cooking began at a young age. If you are a dreamer the path is beckoning. Dinners in the Hudson household were always a production and in my home setting, under the tutelage of my parents, I first realized his dream.  Fast forward to my career on Nantucket where I was the executive chef at the Brant Point Grill for 8 years, then I branched out and re -opened Queequeg’s in January of 2009.  At the same time I was planning and testing my new menu and concept at TOWN.  Queequeg’s & Town were voted as one of the top 3 restaurants in Nantucket by the Inquirer & Mirror.  After acting as the executive chef for both restaurants I want to work closer to the source, which brought me to Bartlett’s where I am now the executive chef.   Besides being able to work with our farmers to use the freshest possible produce I love being able to flex my culinary muscles during our Farm to Table dinners.  Hope you can join us for one someday!

Phone: 508-415-5320

Pete Smith

Green House Manager/Green House Department

Born in Harrisburg, PA.  Graduated from The Ambler School of Horticulture/Temple University and Penn State University with a B.S. in Horticulture.  Hilary and I started working for the Bartlett’s in 1986.

Phone: 508-221-7783

Sherri Marean

Operations Manager

I developed relationships at the farm through my job at Nantucket Bank.  I was fortunate to begin my career here in 2004 just as the farm was expanding.  I enjoy working for a family-owned business.

Phone: 508-228-9403 x10

Whitney Butler

Customer Service Manager

Nantucket Native: check.
Unofficial Island Tour Guide: check.
Customer Service Manager: check.
As a recent college graduate with a BA in Mathematics & just starting out at an entry level job in DC, the last thing I expected was to get a call from my favorite summer job asking me if I was interested in becoming the Customer Service Manager. What brings me joy in my job is being that person that makes a customer feel like a friend, free to tell their life stories.

“The more you like yourself, the you are like anyone else, which makes you unique” – Walt Disney